Biological Safety Cabinet (NB-602WS/NB-602WSL)

  • High efficiency HEPA filters. (Main filter, Pre-filter)
  • LCD information display for filter life remaining program in numeral
  • UV lamp minimizes contamination of work-environment, of viruses in the air.
  • Low noise, high efficiency blower motor circulate air in cabinet
  • Smart software can allow to manage 9 steps of wind speed control

Table-top Bio Workstation (NB-601WS)

NB-601WS is the tabletop Bio Safety Cabinet. This CLASS II, B1TYPE BSC is simple and economical but, essential functions such as HEPA filtering, Air Circulation is good enough to make a clean and protective environment.

PCR Workstation (NB-603WS)

NB-603WS is the HEPS filtered clean bench and UV PCR workstation. The workstation is a bench-top type, made of metal framework, polycarbonate walls and a working surface made of stainless steel. With open UV lamps and horizontal air circulation through the HEPA filter, this bench is used during operation with DNA/RNA sample especially, for PCR work.