Large Capacity Horizontal Autoclave

  • Precision control of the chamber and jacket pressure using a digital pressure sensor and microprocessor
  • Easy operation with 7th full touch LCD and user program can be set through user mode functions.
  • Built-in error and alarm, safety pressure valve.
  • A self-diagnosis function can always keep the best shape
  • Fully automatic sterilization cycle of a sample structure
  • Models:

NB-SS105- 105 L

NB-SS210- 210 L

NB-SS305- 305 L

Vertical Autoclave

  • High pressure autoclave, suitable for general lab.
  • Fully automatic autoclave-heat up, exhaust, sterilize, pressure
  • Safety valve for discharging pressure
  • Chamber made of SUS304 for resistance to decomposition
  • Precise electronic timer
  • Microprocessor PID control for temperature.
  • Models:

NB-1045-45 L

NB-106060 L

NB-1080-80 L

NB-1100-100 L


Table top Vacuum Autoclave

High pressured autoclave is the most effective equipment for physical sterilization to remove pathogenic bacteria and germs on a variety of instruments and wares in biological research or medical field by using high pressure (1 kgf/cm2) and high temperature steam (110oC ~ 135oC). sterilizing steam has excellent permeability that can easily penetrate porous structured material as such as gloves, protection wares, some tools, and vessels used in Medical and Bio- Research field.

NB-SS25- 4.5 L

NB-SS50- 6 L

NB-SS65- 8 L