Multicollector ICP-MS

Meet the ever expanding application demands of geosciences and other disciplines that require high-precision isotope ratio measurements with Thermo Scientific™ Neptune™ Series high resolution multicollector ICP-MS (MC-ICP-MS) instrumentation.

The Thermo Scientific™ Neptune XT™ MC-ICP-MS integrates established field-proven technologies of the Neptune Series instruments with the latest developments in technology for isotope ratio analysis from Thermo Fisher Scientific™. These developments include 1013 Ω Amplifier Technology with gain calibration and Tau correction, a Jet Interface for highest sensitivity, and a central dual-channel detector (SEM/Faraday cup).


Thermal Ionization MS

Extract high-precision isotope ratio information from your samples with the Thermo Scientific™ Triton™ Series Multicollector Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS).

The Thermo Scientific™ Triton XT™ TIMS integrates the established field-proven technologies from the Triton Series instruments with the latest developments in technology for isotope ratio analysis from Thermo Fisher Scientific™.


Helix MC Plus™ Multicollector Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer


Measure any five isotopes of neon, argon, krypton or xenon simultaneously at new levels of resolution with the Thermo Scientific™ Helix MC Plus™ multicollector noble gas mass spectrometer, the ultimate noble gas solution. Its high-resolution magnetic sector analyzer with 35 cm, 120 degree extended geometry ion optics make it the most advanced static vacuum mass spectrometer (SVMS) for the isotopic analysis of small samples of the noble gases.


Argus VI™ Static Vacuum Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer

Measure all five argon isotopes simultaneously with the Thermo Scientific™ Argus VI™ static vacuum mass spectrometer (SVMS). The field-proven, state-of-the-art Argus VI system is a high-precision solution for the analysis of small quantities of argon and other noble gases. Its compact footprint, extremely robust design, excellent ion optics and industry leading control software make this magnetic sector SVMS analyzer a fit for any laboratory, no matter the size or throughput.

Helix SFT™ Split Flight Tube Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer

Achieve ultimate helium isotope analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ Helix SFT™ split flight tube noble gas mass spectrometer. This compact but powerful magnetic sector static vacuum mass spectrometer (SVMS) is capable of the high-precision analysis all noble gas isotopes, but is ideally suited to the simultaneous collection of the isotopes helium 3 and helium 4.

Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometry

The Thermo Scientific Delta Ray CO2 isotope ratio infrared spectrometer with URI Connect allows you to easily interface with samples available in amounts as little as 80 µg of CO2 , such as in vials, syringes or bags and then to be analyzed in the Delta Ray spectrometer. Discover more with a mobile isotope laboratory: • δ13C and δ18O of CO2 • CO2 concentration • Precision < 0.05‰ • Mid-infrared laser based isotope ratio infrared spectrometer • Up to 1 Hz data • Portable, field deployable • URI Connect to interface discrete samples • Easy connection to samples in autosampler, syringes or bags • Global support

DELTA VTM Isotope Ratio MS

Measures isotopic signatures with extreme precision and sensitivity to provide the unique insight into the history and origin of compounds with Thermo Scientific isotope ratio mass spectrometry.

The Thermo Scientific™ Delta V™ IRMS systems combine outstanding sensitivity with excellent linearity and stability to tackle applications as diverse as δ13C analysis of PAHs in soil, 15N/14N monitoring in chlorophyll derivatives, and detection of honey adulterants. Delta V systems can be equipped with a wide range of sample preparation devices and inlets, including preconcentrators, elemental analyzers, GC interfaces, LC interfaces, and continuous flow inlets, to ensure your instrument system is perfectly suited to your application.

High Resolution Isotope Ratio MS

Overcome conventional gas isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) limitations and realize an uncompromised view of your analytes. Ultra-high resolution helps uncover the isotopic anatomy of molecules and revolutionizes the field of clumped and site-specific isotope analysis. The Thermo Scientific™ Ultra™ HR-IRMS sets a new standard in advanced gas isotope ratio measurements, paving the way forward to exciting and unprecedented scientific discoveries in atmospheric sciences, climate research, petroleum geochemistry, noble gas applications, and beyond.